La Messagère Berry Ale (aux fruits)
Les Bières de la Nouvelle-France

La Messagère Berry Ale (aux fruits)

Québec, Canada
4.7% ABV

Remain on the land of “Nouvelle-France”, “La Messagère” with a fruity taste has come to expand the family of “Les Messagères” and join its 3 sisters: “La Blonde”, “La Rousse”, and “La Millet”.
Attached to its soil, this 4th born GLUTEN-FREE beer is soaked with fruit ripened in the sun of the country and grown at the “Nouvelle-France” farm.

Capped with a naturally pink foam, this ale avoids all in transparency of a deep garnet color.
Of delicate sweetened tang, this refreshing beer reveals the natural freshness of the fruits and balances its high content of buckwheat and rice malt.

Its fruity and acidulous flavours are released little by little from the raspberry, cherry, and blackcurrant perfumes.

“La Messagère” with its fruity taste will charm the most delicate palates and will make you sway between bitterness and cooling.

Gluten-Free Beer

We use the method of assay Elisa to to determine the presence of gluten. This process is internationally renowned as a very precise  measurement.