La Niña Barbuda (The Bearded Girl) by Barcelona Beer Company in Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona Beer Company

La Niña Barbuda (The Bearded Girl)

Barcelona, Spain
7% ABV • IBU 46

About La Niña Barbuda (The Bearded Girl) by Barcelona Beer Company

Ramón, the hipster, was walking around his city one day, when he met a fairy. The fairy told him "I grant you a wish". Ramón, who had always longed for his childhood, asked "to be a boy again". But at the last moment, she was rethought and asked to be a girl. His wish was fulfilled ... but the fairy left him the hipster beard. Now Ramón is La Niña Barbuda. 

The description of why it is called this beer is funny. But the content is serious. Serious because it is a magnificent Brown Ale with aroma and taste of toasted malt with notes of coffee, caramel, dark chocolate and nuts. It is made with water from Montseny. An extraordinary beer to enjoy quietly with each drink. A beer!

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