La Tropicale 2 by Brasserie Vrooden in Québec, Canada

About La Tropicale 2 by Brasserie Vrooden

After two years on the market, La Tropicale was due for a change. This year Vrooden presents, La Tropicale 2 with even more fruits and a new pink color. You liked the original version … you will certainly not be disappointed with La Tropicale 2, an explosion of fruit.

This bona fide fruit juice just wants to be tasted and celebrated. Whether it is with a fresh shrimp salad or with a jambalaya and its potent cajun spice blend, everything you will pair with it will suddenly become fruity, sweet, fun-loving. Who knows, it might even make you start shopping for a bathing suit?

We brew genuine German beers, by the methods and ingredients used, without compromising on taste and quality!

Brasserie Vrooden makes La Tropicale 2 Witbier