Labatt Blue by Labatt Breweries of Canada in Ontario, Canada

About Labatt Blue by Labatt Breweries of Canada

Labatt Blue is the best-selling Canadian beer in the world. Introduced in 1951 as Labatt Pilsener, it was named for the colour of its label by fans of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers football team. Blue was the first brand in Canada with a twist-off cap and won the silver medal in the International Lager category at the 1998 Brewing Industry International Awards. Labatt Blue, brewed using specially selected aromatic hops, is a well-balanced, fully matured, full-flavoured beer with a fruity character and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

Where good things have been brewing for close to 170 years.

Labatt Breweries of Canada makes Labatt Blue American Adjunct Lager