Labor Power Red Lager by Worthy Brewing Co.  in Oregon, United States

About Labor Power Red Lager by Worthy Brewing Co.

Back inda day there was a bike race team out of Texas and Southern California that dominated masters bike racing.  It was called “Labor Power.” The team’s mantra was “gritty not pretty.” Their official mission was to win for journeyman unionists suffering from lung-killing asbestosis. Their real crusade was to “pound the pecker headed pretenders with impunity purely for the sake of pleasure.” 

Labor Power cultivated a reputation for going hard at what they loved, sometimes even too hard. They thrashed, slashed and bashed, whatever it took to win.  And win they did: over 500 races from 1995 to 2008.  

Brewery and Restaurant

Worthy Brewing Co.  makes Labor Power Red Lager American Amber / Red Lager