Lager Beer
Innis & Gunn

Lager Beer

Midlothian - Scotland, United Kingdom
4.6% ABV

Our Lager is made in small batches with Naked Golden Oats and great Scottish pride and exuberance, which give it its full flavour and very smooth finish.

Unusually, as well as our own, unique Lager malt, we have added some Naked Golden Oats to the brew, which impart a satisfying smoothness to the finish.

Naked Golden Oats are grown without husks so that even more goodness and flavour can be extracted during brewing.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale gold

Smell: Lemon zest, macadamia nuts, sweet biscuity malt

Taste: Crisp and light. Soft, aromatic hops and rich creaminess from the oats

Finish: Smooth and refreshing

Awards and Recognitions

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