Lakefront Pils by Lakefront Brewery in Wisconsin, United States

About Lakefront Pils by Lakefront Brewery

For many of them at Lakefront, the Pilsner is one of the first beers they’ve ever tried, making it near-and-dear to their hearts It’s honest: the clear, golden pour has nothing to hide. The straightforward, medium-light body delivers peppery and grassy flavors, followed by grainy, honeyed malt notes. Finally, Lakefront Pilsner finishes dry with a lingering hop spiciness. Pilsner is an extremely versatile beer, and pairs with most lighter fare. Enjoy with a thin, crispy slice of Milwaukee-style pizza, or try it with a hot ham, cheese, and sweet onion sandwich.

Lakefront Brewery is a leader in brewing the best beers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Started in 1987, Lakefront Brewery has been brewing for more than 28 years.

Lakefront Brewery makes Lakefront Pils German Pilsener