Lakeshore Lager by Snake Lake Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Lakeshore Lager by Snake Lake Brewing Company

A Munich style Helles lager with a cracker malt character and subtle floral hop profile.

Lakeshore Drive has been the heart of Sylvan Lake since the town’s earliest days. From muddy wagon wheel-rutted beginnings to destination dance halls and parties, it’s the perfect embodiment of this prairie town’s history of work and play. Food and drink establishments line the shore today alongside farmer’s markets and swimming in the summer, and skating and polar-dips in the winter. Evidence that that old hardworking, easy drinking spirit is alive and well in Sylvan Lake.

Work hard. Drink easy. We make easy drinking beers for the average Albertan. Brewing with only the best ingredients, we'll put in the time and effort to serve you the perfect beer every time. No cost-cutting, no compromise.

Snake Lake Brewing Company makes Lakeshore Lager Munich Helles Lager