L’Assoiffé 8 by Brasseurs du Monde in Québec, Canada

About L’Assoiffé 8 by Brasseurs du Monde

From the 11th century onwards, Belgian monks brewed beer to supplement their livelihood. They sold or traded the fruits of their labor to acquire property or useful provisions for their monastic communities .

After periods of abstinence or hard work in the fields or brewery, the thirsty monks took great satisfaction in a swig of their favorite beer.

Through their knowledge and rigor, Trappist monks made great contributions to the development of modern brewing traditions . Driven by their desire for a more delectable beverage, the monks worked continuously to improve their methods and some even went so far as to offer forgiveness to the faithful in exchange for beer recipes . There are now only seven Trappist monasteries producing beer.

It is in their honor and in memory of the many monks who developed and enjoyed these types of beer over the centuries that we have created this divine nectar. Assoifé – 8 is a Belgian-style Dubbel that presents malted notes of dried fruit, accented with a subtle hint of molasses and toasted hazelnuts, ending with a slightly sweet and slightly bitter finish.

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Brasseurs du Monde makes L’Assoiffé 8 Dubbel

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