Lazy Mutt Wet Hopped IPA by Minhas Micro Brewery in Alberta, Canada

About Lazy Mutt Wet Hopped IPA by Minhas Micro Brewery

There's only one thing better than lemonade in the So Minhas Brewery combined the two. They took the great wheat ale with natural citrus notes and added some fresh lemons to make a great thrist quenching shandy. Beat the heat! The aroma is sweet but tangy. There is a good bit of dark roasted malt aroma with a very light coffee and cocoa hint. The taste has a just-right sweetness, with a roasted malt flavor and well balanced hops. A robust smoothness best described this classic beer. Let it warm you up on a cold winter night.

The Minhas Micro Brewery in northeast Calgary and is located only minutes from the Calgary International Airport. The Minhas Micro Brewery invites beer lovers to see behind-the-scenes of a brewhouse where we make small batch ultra premium craft beer such as the legendary Imperial Jack Double IPA and the groundbreaking Lazy Mutt Gluten Free Lager.

Minhas Micro Brewery makes Lazy Mutt Wet Hopped IPA American IPA