Le Chatelier by Townsite Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Le Chatelier by Townsite Brewing

The 2015 HULK series beer is all about Cédric’s new passions: souring and wood aging.

First he added Lactobacillus bacteria to the kettle to bring the pH way down, giving this beer a nice tart sour flavour.

After fermentation he added oak spirals to infuse a nice round woody element into the beer.

The S.S. Henri LeChatelier was built in 1944 and operated to trade sugar for a few years before putting in a war appearance as a store ship in the South Pacific.

Officially retired from service in 1948, she joined the other ‘dry dockers’ that form the breakwater for the Catalyst Mill in Powell River, B.C.

A craft brewery in the historic Townsite district of Powell River, BC

Townsite Brewing makes Le Chatelier Belgian Pale Ale