Le Trinqueur by Brasseurs du Monde in Québec, Canada

About Le Trinqueur by Brasseurs du Monde

Scotch Ale is a style that comes from Scotland, but there are also Belgian versions. The Belgians, to pay homage to the Scots who freed them at the end of the last World War, began to brew beers appreciated by the Scots, making them a little stronger and adding a little spice. Le Trinqueur is inspired by this tradition and offers beautiful malty flavors of dried fruit and burnt caramel. Added to this is a finely herbaceous touch of coriander seeds. The Scotsman in you will love it! Slàinte mhòr agad!

Brasseurs du Monde is your key supplier for quality microbrewed beer.

Brasseurs du Monde makes Le Trinqueur Scottish Ale