Leicht by Erdinger Weissbrau in Bavaria, Germany

About Leicht by Erdinger Weissbrau

Less alcohol, but no half measure: Erdinger Leicht is the light alternative for beer lovers. This light beer combines full wheat beer enjoyment with a reduced ABV of 2.8%. And it not only has half the alcohol but also around 40% fewer calories than classic wheat beers. It's sparkling yellow color with fine yeast clouding and delicate white head are clear signals for a lively, light and fruity-fresh wheat beer. The palate detects subtle notes of Hallertau aroma hops in a symbiosis with Erdinger’s exquisite wheat beer yeast and a malty-mild finish. The sparkling carbon dioxide ensures lively enjoyment.

The Taste of Bavaria

Erdinger Weissbrau makes Leicht Hefeweizen