Leisure Landbier by Matron Fine Beer in Ontario, Canada

About Leisure Landbier by Matron Fine Beer

We're guessing you might be wondering 'WTF is a Landbier'? It roughly translates to “Country Lager” in German, and that’s exactly what this is. Brewed exclusively with locally grown Barn Owl Lager Malt, and using Pleasant Valley’s Cascade hops in the kettle and dry hop, it’s a great reflection of what a 'Prince Edward County' beer can be. Expressing fresh floral, citrusy notes and ultimately thirst quenching, Leisure Landbier finishes clean and crisp.

For us, beer is situational. We like the idea of beer as a social lubricant, not as a dominating force. Our focus is on lower alcohol beers, under 6.5%. We brew wildly aromatic IPAs, concise lagers and elegant farmhouse ales. We want our beers to reflect a time and place, evolving season-to-season and year-to-year. Beers inspired by where we live and what grows around us.