Leitmotif by Cabin Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada
Cabin Brewing Company


4.5% ABV • IBU 10

About Leitmotif by Cabin Brewing Company

Leitmotif: A short, constantly recurring musical phrase associated with a person, place or idea.

Leitmotif Gose is a classic play on the German city of Goslar’s most famous claim to fame - the classic gose beer style. It is tart and salty, with a full wheat body and crisp lemony acidity. It’s perfect for quaffing as a refreshment, but is engineered specifically to add flavoured syrup to - raspberry and mint, smoked peach, mango and habañero, cherry and cinnamon - the choice is yours! Get creative and make the flavoured gose you've always dreamed of drinking.

Cabin Brewing Company is a brewing supergroup determined to make Alberta a better place, one great beer at a time. We drink beer. We taste beer. We make beer. We judge beer. We live beer. We know beer.

Cabin Brewing Company makes Leitmotif Gose