Lichtenlizzy by Stony Creek Brewery in Connecticut, United States

About Lichtenlizzy by Stony Creek Brewery

An old world German Lichtenheiner Weiss, Lichtenlizzy is a hybrid of a Berliner Weiss and a Smoked Rauch beer. A low alcohol wheat beer is lightly soured to contribute a tart finish. Balancing this are two types of smoked malt (Beachwood and Oak) combining to offer an incredibly soft, yet ever present smokiness. Smooth and smoky, yet tart and refreshing. Intricate and distinct. This beer is a salute to my wife…Andy, Stony Creek Brewmaster.

The fusion of clean, bold, and aggressive west coast flavours and east coast balance and drinkability.

Stony Creek Brewery makes Lichtenlizzy Berliner Weissbier