Licorne Authentique
Licorne Brewing Co.

Licorne Authentique

Bas-Rhin, France
4.8% ABV

Behind its slightly golden robe topped by a long-lasting head of foam hides a slight and particularly thirst-quenching lager. With ideally balanced malts and hops, a delicate bitterness asserts itself to distinguish it from other Alsatian luxury beers.

Clear and bright, it has a persistent head of foam with certain density and small, regular bubbles.

Smell :

A pleasing aroma of traditional hops, malts that smell of the harvest and a hint of spices.

Taste :

A nice fizz that brings out a bitterness that dominates but remains in harmony with the other flavours.

Overall impression :

A finesse on the palate showing a certain dryness that highlights the thirst-quenching properties of this beer.