Licorne Elsass

Licorne Elsass is a 100% Alsatian beer exclusively harvested, brewed and sold in Alsace. With a beautiful golden colour, its refreshing taste is complemented by a caramel-malt roundness that harmonises perfectly with a subtle hint of fresh hops. It has a mild, pleasant character thanks to the selection of local malts and Alsatian hops, which are among the most noble and distinctive.

A light, white foam of tiny bubbles that tops a bright, clear golden beer.


A palette of aromas essentially based on the ingredients, hops or malted grain. There is also an inkling of honey and a slight hint of fruitiness.


Light, but harmonious all the way through. A slight bitterness initially that develops into a mildness suggestive of caramel. 

Overall impression:

Delicate, mild and refreshing with a slight fizz, it has a good length in the mouth with notes of hops and caramels.