Licorne Grand Cru
Licorne Brewing Co.

Licorne Grand Cru

Bas-Rhin, France
5.2% ABV

The ingredients in Licorne Grand Cru are rigorously selected for their quality: pure, natural water, the very best hop flowers to bring out the aromas of this exceptional beer and barley for its light robe.

The key to this unique recipe resides in the last ingredient, indispensable in beer making: yeast. In the end Licorne Grand Cru owes its finesse to the delicate addition of Saccharomyces Bayanus, a yeast normally used for making delicately sparkling wines.

A bright, transparent straw colour complemented by a very white, airy head of foam with small, regular bubbles.

Smell :

With a hint of spiciness, this beer gives off citrus scents and aromas of malted barley and hops.

Taste :

A blend full of lightness and finesse with a very discreet bitterness.

Overall impression :

Its tiny bubbles reminiscent of one of the most appreciated of drinks leave a bouquet of rich, delicate flavours on the palate .