Licorne Légende by Licorne Brewing Co. in Bas-Rhin, France

About Licorne Légende by Licorne Brewing Co.

Full of force and character, this special beer with its golden yellow colour and creamy, persistent head rolls out an infinitely subtle range of flavours: a dominant hoppy note, but with fresh, lively hints of malt followed by a subtle fruitiness, a strong note to end on…

Bright, golden lager with a generous white head.

Smell :

A beautiful complex blend made up of fine gassy and fruity flavours over a malty base.

Taste :

A moderate, but delicate bitterness.

Overall impression :

Pleasantly fizz and long in the mouth, with rich aromas sustained by the bitterness.  Full of finesse.


The Licorne brewery is situated in Saverne, Alsace, a region known for its long-standing connections with beer and brewing. Proud of its home town, the brewery has chosen a unicorn ("licorne") as the emblem to represent the company. Synonymous with purity, strength and independence, the unicorn became the emblem of the town of Saverne in the 16th century. Legend has it that the unicorn dipped its horn in Saverne water and that since then it has been clear and pure, ideal for making beer.

Licorne Brewing Co. makes Licorne Légende American Blonde Ale