Lifeguard by Icicle Brewing Company in Washington, United States

About Lifeguard by Icicle Brewing Company

Are you 'barley' staying afloat in the sea of watered down beers? Lucky for you, Icicle's brewers are on Beerwatch 24/7 and have come to the rescue with a French beer that starts sweet and finishes dry. They've brewed a bronzed stud muffin running slow motion in the sand that delicately pulls you from the dangerous waters off Cheap Beer Isle. Don't thank them... they're just doing their job and keeping you safe one great beer at a time.

We are a Production Brewery and Tasting Room located in Leavenworth, Washington. We produce fresh, delicious craft brews!

Icicle Brewing Company makes Lifeguard Bière de Garde