Lightly Smoked Pilsner by Persephone Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Lightly Smoked Pilsner by Persephone Brewing Company

Port Moody and Gibsons BC have finally met and the result is a collaboration between Persephone and Yellow Dog Breweries. The fruits of their labours have resulted in what is called the Lightly Smoked Pilsner. Labelled with a Hop riding a dog, this beer’s unique look matches a unique and rather untested style by BC standards. From the bottle this beer pours as a crisp, light golden colour topped with two fingers of head which settles slowly and without a trace. A malty aroma comes in on the nose with a light sweetness and a kick of beechwood smoke. The smoke is quite subtle though an dreally just adds a bit of smoothness and earthiness to the aroma. In the flavour this beer is light and easy drinking. The malt forward body is rather crisp and refreshing while a light sweetness adds additional smoothness. The smoke flavour builds as the flavour progresses and grounds the flavour with a unique and subtle wood-smoke tone. Smoke could very easily overpower the delicateness of a Pilsner but Yellow Dog and Persephone have mastered their balance here with a sessionable, unique and delicious, smoked pilsner.


Persephone Brewing Company makes Lightly Smoked Pilsner German Pilsener