Limbo by Cervejaria Seasons in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Cervejaria Seasons


Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
3.7% ABV • IBU 18 • SRM 26

About Limbo by Cervejaria Seasons

Our first session beer! Limbo is light, but rich in flavors and has aromas reminiscent of chocolate and roasted nuts. With 3.7% alcohol content, Limbo is a beer that breaks paradigms, because many people associate dark beer to terms such as "heavy" or "strong." The Limbo name came up when we try fitting the beer to some pre-defined style, because it is not a dry stout or a sweet stout or a porter or northern Inglês brown ale, etc. It is kind of in "limbo" of beer styles. 

Tasting Notes: Light beer, but dark in color. Light and creamy foam. Aromas of chocolate, nuts, cocoa, vanilla and light toast. Balanced flavors reminiscent of chocolate and coffee.

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Cervejaria Seasons makes Limbo American Stout