Little Tart by Bog Iron Brewing  in Massachusetts, United States

About Little Tart by Bog Iron Brewing

Little Tart is a Berliner Weiss, an extremely light colored sour German wheat beer. Berliner Weiss’ are known for their tart acidic taste and while their alcohol content is very low, they are very refreshing and extremely drinkable. Lactobacillus (the same bacteria used to make yogurt) provides tartness and acidity that are the hallmarks of this style. A tiny addition of Saaz hops provide just a hint of bitterness and an ever so subtle earthy spiciness to this beer.

Bog Iron Brewing is a microbrewery and taproom located in Norton, MA. Come by and try our beer or sit down for a pint or grab a growler or bottle to go.

Bog Iron Brewing  makes Little Tart Berliner Weissbier