Living Skies Rye Pilsner by Bomber Brewing in British Columbia, Canada
Bomber Brewing

Living Skies Rye Pilsner

5% ABV • IBU 35

About Living Skies Rye Pilsner by Bomber Brewing

Two East Vancouver Breweries, Bomber Brewing and Doans Craft Beer have come together to brew the Living Skies Rye Pilsner. Not only does this beer blend the brewing prowess of both breweries, the label is also a mash-up of the two distinct graphic styles. Pouring this beer from the bomber bottle it is golden in colour and has a thick finger’s worth of head that settles at the top of the glass. From this brew wofts an aroma of lemon, grapefruit and a nice rye spice. The aroma is big for a pilsner but forecasts a big flavour, very drinkable beer. Taking the first sip, the Living Skies has a fairly big body to it and shows big rye spice. The citrus notes that came in on the nose are somewhat masked by the rye flavour but still come through in a small way. This beer is suprisingly refreshing given the big rye flavour and a distinct hop bitterness on the finish. Doans has some experience when it comes to brewing with rye and you can always count on Bomber to brew a balanced beer. It is no suprise that together they have come up with something special.

Made by Bomber Brewing

Start up brewery located at 1488 Adanac St. in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bomber Brewing makes Living Skies Rye Pilsner Rye Beer