Local Coffee Stout by Freetail Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Local Coffee Stout by Freetail Brewing Company

When Freetail Brewing heard a coffee roaster was moving in across the street from their new brewery, visions of fresh cups of coffee filled their heads; when Freetail Brewing heard it was Merit—the roasting branch of Local Coffee, they started planning a collaborative brew. This rich stout is the result of that effort. A cold-brewed toddy using El Origen coffee beans from Honduras is added to the beer after fermentation; deep, rich chocolate and roast flavors from English malts combine with rich, nuanced sweetness of carefully selected coffee creates a flavor that speaks of a sunrise breakfast upon a distant mountain, or an intimate hot cup for a late night-cap.

San Antonio’s a city that marches to the beat of its own drum. It paints to the stroke of its own brush. And it rocks to the tune of its own guitar. Just like Freetail. A little bit of that San Antonio flair goes into each and every can of beer we brew—the food, the art, the music, and culture.

Freetail Brewing Company makes Local Coffee Stout American Stout