London Porter by Fuller's Brewery in London - England, United Kingdom
Fuller's Brewery

London Porter

London - England, United Kingdom
5.4% ABV • IBU 37 • SRM 40

About London Porter by Fuller's Brewery

Fuller's London Porter is a modern take on the 19th century porter style. Fuller’s rich, chocolatey London Porter recaptures the brooding beauty of pre-Victorian London. It’s evocative of simpler times but it’s a wonderfully complex pint.

Deep opaque brown; aromas of mocha, smoke and molasses; on the palate it is dry and full bodied with flavours of dark chocolate, ground coffee beans, toffee and a refreshing hop bitterness.

The Fuller's Brewery in Chiswick, London dates back to 1828, but Fuller's has been brewing for more than 160 years. As you might expect, it’s a place with plenty of tales to tell.

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