Longball Craft Lager by Wichita Brewing Company in Kansas, United States

About Longball Craft Lager by Wichita Brewing Company

As crisp and satisfying as sending a fastball deep off the barrel of your bat, this pilsner inspired craft lager is perfect for getting the fans back into the game. Whether it’s a clear, sunshiny day at the ballpark or you’re stuck at home doing yard work, Longball Craft Larger is brilliantly built to showcase some of the simpler things in life. If you’re going to go, go nuts for a Longball Craft Lager. Proud sponsor of the Wichita Wingnuts.

We’re committed to making great hand crafted beer and quality wood fired pizzas. It’s that simple. We want Wichita to have the best of both worlds.

Wichita Brewing Company makes Longball Craft Lager American Pale Lager