Longest Night by Yukon Brewing in Yukon, Canada

About Longest Night by Yukon Brewing

Longest Night is dark and malty, due to the generous use of both chocolate malt and black malt. And, let’s talk hops. Longest Night contains plenty of Millenium, Cascade, and Glacier hops used during the kettle boil. But, it also is dry-hopped with both Cascade and Millenium. Coming in at 6.0% abv, full of both malt and hop flavours, and with plenty of hop bitterness, this is not the beer for the faint of heart. Nor is it a beer for procrastinators, as it will likely be gone by New Years. Come fill your growler…now! Before it really is the longest night.

Made by Yukon Brewing

Yukon Brewing opened its doors in 1997 under the name Chilkoot Brewing Co. Ltd. Owners Alan and Bob conceived their idea like many Yukon babies – around a campfire on a canoe trip. Both Ontario natives, they’ve lived and worked in the Territory for a good deal of their adult lives.

Yukon Brewing makes Longest Night American Black Ale