Los Innovadores Kriek by Santa Fe Brewing Co. in New Mexico, United States

About Los Innovadores Kriek by Santa Fe Brewing Co.

The Kriek, inspired by the time-honored Belgian Lambics fermented with cherries, is an incredibly refreshing and balanced take on the classic style. The beer aged in American Oak barrels for two years with a carefully selected blend of wild yeasts, eventually undergoing a secondary fermentation with world-famous Michigan tart cherries and sake yeast. The result is an ale with a bright garnet color and an intense cherry aroma, reminiscent of warm cherry pie, that is both sweet and tart, followed by a complex sour flavor and a crisp finish.

Founded in 1988 and located in New Mexico, Sante Fe Brewing Co. was started by thirsty people desperate for good beer. Check out their contact information, craft beers, and more.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. makes Los Innovadores Kriek American Wild / Sour Ale