Lost Mitten Blueberry Sour by Alley Kat in Alberta, Canada

About Lost Mitten Blueberry Sour by Alley Kat

Call off the search for your Lost Mitten!

In a season when everyone is going heavy with porters and stouts, our fresh take on your new go-to winter brew is sure to be the bluest brown ale you’ve ever held in your mitts.

Get cozy with warming flavours of caramel balanced with slightly tart blueberries... not only is it the perfect hibernation-mode "get-away", but it’ll make you forget you ever misplaced your mitten!

Made by Alley Kat

Based in Edmonton, Alley Kat Brewery is the 4th-oldest brewery in Alberta. Check out Alley Kat's beers, contact info, and more.

Alley Kat makes Lost Mitten Blueberry Sour American Wild / Sour Ale