Lot 9 Traditional Pilsner by Creemore Springs in Ontario, Canada
Creemore Springs

Lot 9 Traditional Pilsner

4.7% ABV • IBU 25 • SRM 3

About Lot 9 Traditional Pilsner by Creemore Springs

This golden Pilsner was crafted to honour the founders of Creemore, determined folk who turned a rugged patch of land called Lot 9 into some of the most prosperous crops around.

Lot 9 has a medium body and a sweet, rich malt flavour with a refreshing bitter finish. This brew goes great with grilled white fish or chicken, seafood and soft creamy cheese.

For a small-town operation, we have a great selection of beer. All inspired by the time-honoured tradition of European brewing. So whether you like it big and bold or smooth and refreshing, we’ve got you covered.

Creemore Springs makes Lot 9 Traditional Pilsner Czech Pilsner

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