Love Shack by Cabin Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Love Shack by Cabin Brewing Company

Hazy Passionfruit IPA

A year ago Cabin Brewing traded BFF necklaces with their good friends at Eighty Eight Brewing and set their sights on a glorious collaboration.

Alas, 2020 had other plans…. But they weren’t going to let another year go by without celebrating their mutual love – for each other, and for tasty beer. Behold, their lovechild – Love Shack Hazy Passionfruit IPA!

The talented brew teams at Cabin and ‘88 built the recipe for Love Shack together, then each brewed their own version. While it’s the same recipe and same ingredients, each beer is slightly different.

Cabin started with a wonderfully full-bodied and super soft malt bill, blended a passionfruit addition as big as a whale and then dry-hopped the living bejeebus out of it with all the Galaxy, Vic Secret, Cryo Mosaic and Cryo Sabro hops they could lay their hands on.

Think of Love Shack as tropical aromatherapy, with a citrus chaser, mixed with a delightfully tart little twist of passionfruit. Juicy? Yes. Tasty? HECK YES!

Cabin Brewing Company is a brewing supergroup determined to make Alberta a better place, one great beer at a time. We drink beer. We taste beer. We make beer. We judge beer. We live beer. We know beer.

Cabin Brewing Company makes Love Shack American IPA