Low Brow by NoCoast Beer Co. in Iowa, United States

About Low Brow by NoCoast Beer Co.

Leave that highfalutin fine art at the museum, and take a moment to admire the masterpiece before you. Produced with English malts and yeast, the Low Brow Brown Ale is reminiscent of Western European styles. NoCoast kept the ABV of this malty brew low, so you can enjoy both quality and quantity. Ale this gellery-worthy gives a whole new meaning to 99 bottles of beer on the wall...

Our flag flies for fine craft beer and freedom from pretension. Our attitude may border on brash, but we seek to bring people together. We call on the legions of like-minded, no-bullshit beer-lovers from the plains and beyond.

NoCoast Beer Co. makes Low Brow English Brown Ale

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