Lug Tread 2.5 Lagered Ale by Beau's in Ontario, Canada

Lug Tread 2.5 Lagered Ale

2.5% ABV • IBU 20

About Lug Tread 2.5 Lagered Ale by Beau's

Full craft flavour, light and refreshing.  

This extra-light beer delivers a delicious, full-flavoured craft beer experience without compromise. The recipe is modeled on Beau's popular Lug Tread, so expect a satisfying, balanced and tasty lagered ale, with less alcohol. Finally, a light beer that actually tastes like beer!  

Lug Tread 2.5 pours a light gold with white foam. A blend of barley malts and wheat delivers fresh grain/cereal flavour and satisfying mouthfeel. Mild herbal and orchard fruit notes lead into a clean lager finish. Refreshingly light and crisp.

Pairs well with stir fry with aromatic spices such as lemongrass, ginger, garlic, or cilantro; mild appetizers like spring rolls or salads

Made by Beau's

Located in the village of Vankleek Hill, Beau’s is a world-class locally brewed beer. For us, being local means being an active part of the community. We support more than 100 independent arts and music, community-building and charitable organizations every year. We believe that craft beer tastes better when you feel good about drinking it.

Beau's makes Lug Tread 2.5 Lagered Ale Light Lager