Lupulin Maximus by O'so Brewing Company in Wisconsin, United States

About Lupulin Maximus by O'so Brewing Company

Everybody knows that citrus fruits do not grow on pine trees. What this beer presupposes is… maybe they do. Pink grapefruits, oranges, and tangerines all grow nestled together amongst large sweeping boughs of resinous pine needles. Below them is a hop field in which six varieties of hop cones grow and come together, providing soft undertones of tropical fruit in both flavor and aroma with a long, bitter hop linger on the dry, balanced finish. Did you say over six varieties of hops? I did, indeed. Very much so. With intense citrus and pine overtones, this beer, bred for true hop heads, is not your average double IPA. O’so’s Lupulin Maximus contains a hop cone in every bottle and utilizes every brewing method they could think of to pack more hop flavor and aroma into every bottle. It’s O’so freakishly good and very limited in supply so you should buy some today. Right now. What are you waiting for? Go on now, GET SOME!

Releases early September.

Often Wacky, Sometimes Offensive, Seldom Constrained, Always Unique!

O'so Brewing Company makes Lupulin Maximus American Double / Imperial IPA