Lustrum Cassis Style by Driftwood Brewery in British Columbia, Canada
Driftwood Brewery

Lustrum Cassis Style

British Columbia, Canada
9.4% ABV

About Lustrum Cassis Style by Driftwood Brewery

Brewed to celebrate our five year anniversary, this was fermented with wild yeast harvested from Saanich Peninsula fruit. Full-bodied for a sour beer, with a rich, bracing currant base. Red as blood with bold notes of funky Brettanomyces, tempered by a year’s storage in a mix of French and American oak.

We love great beer! In fact, we live it! We are a proud little crew, working hard to brew & deliver the beers, we love, to you. At Driftwood, we strive to expand the landscape of quality beer in British Columbia.

Driftwood Brewery makes Lustrum Cassis Style American Wild / Sour Ale