The Mad Hopper by Prairie Sun Brewery in Saskatchewan, Canada
Prairie Sun Brewery

The Mad Hopper

7.5% ABV • IBU 75 • SRM 9

About The Mad Hopper by Prairie Sun Brewery

The Mad Hopper is a stronger, paler, and hoppier take on the, ever popular, “Pale ale.” There are two varieties of exceptional hops (Centennial and Citra) that are the true stars of this beer.  They are coveted for their intense flavour profile that can balance perfectly with the sweet, bready malts.  Mad Hopper finishes with a perfect crisp, dry, finish. 

A locally focused, Saskatoon brewery that handpicks all its ingredients to produce the best small-batch brews in the world-innovative beers with distinct flavor

Prairie Sun Brewery makes The Mad Hopper American IPA