Magnum Trux by Real Ale Brewing Company in Texas, United States

About Magnum Trux by Real Ale Brewing Company

Belgian brewing tradition has long found its way into Real Ale Brewing Company's Mysterium Verum program, from the selection of base beers to the techniques they've applied to them. Magnum Trux brings this depth of complexity to all new heights. After primary fermentation in stainless, Black Quad is racked into barrels with a fresh pitch of the MV House Culture. For the last 4 months of secondary fermentation, black currants are added to the barrels and allowed to ferment to dryness. The resulting ale shows notes of oak and currant and displays a deceptively smooth sourness.

Working in the Hill Country from a foundation of time-honored brewing tradition, we believe minimal processing produces maximum flavor.

Real Ale Brewing Company makes Magnum Trux Quadrupel (Quad)