Maibock by Gordon Biersch Brewery in California, United States

About Maibock by Gordon Biersch Brewery

Gordon Biersch Maibock pours a crystal clear light copper color, with a low, dense fawn-colored head of foam. The aroma is rich, bready, caramelly malt, with a light fruity sweetness, which is complemented by a light herbal hop character with delicate hints of lavender and lemon thyme. On the first sip, the intense bready malt character combines with light sweetness and distinct caramel notes to give the impression of bread pudding. The herbal hops emerge on the finish to balance the caramel maltiness and produce a semi-sweet denouement. The beer is medium-full bodied, with relatively low carbonation, and a very smooth, creamy mouthfeel, accompanied by slight alcohol warmth. With the longtime association between bock beers and goats (bock is the German word for goat), a natural pairing is bright, fresh goat cheese. The caramel malt character also complements rich, savory dishes like braised pork shank or hasenpfeffer, as well as desserts like bread pudding or crème brûlée.

An American Brewing Company

Gordon Biersch Brewery makes Maibock Maibock / Helles Bock