Malt Water Joys by Secret Cove Brewing Company in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About Malt Water Joys by Secret Cove Brewing Company

The story of this beer ...

Secret Cove Brewing crafted this beer to describe where their heart is, at their home, in Newfoundland. Like the resilient people who call the land home, and to those who have had to leave to find work, and especially to those who choose to give up the opportunities abroad and seek a simpler life close to family and the island they love, we get it, there’s no place like home. Tip your glass to a beer they are proud to call “Malt Water Joys”.

Appearance and Taste …

With an appearance that jars memories of your grandmother making homemade pancake syrup on a wood burning stove. Curiosity alone will draw you in for a sip.  

Clean and balanced with a pleasant biscuit-like background, a slight toffee flavor hidden behind a well rounded balance of caramel and a subtle hint of chocolate. Hops here take a back burner approach and the brew showcases the UK malts.

Pairs very well with a Newfoundland Caramel Log.

We are all about showcasing our beautiful island, and telling stories about the past and present. Come visit Port au Port and experience Secret Cove Brewing. Visit our brewery and experience Cove Life!