Malt Whisky Trail
Innis & Gunn

Malt Whisky Trail

Midlothian - Scotland, United Kingdom
7.4% ABV

This limited release, rich Scotch Ale has been matured in specially selected casks from each of the five whisky-producing regions of Scotland. 

Carefully monitoring the development of the maturing casks, our brewers have blended beer from each of the regions together to achieve a really balanced, complex amber ale with layers of delicate aroma and flavour.

We think the results are rather good – a singular brew that showcases the signature styles of Scotland’s malt whisky highlands and heartlands.

Food Pairing: Sticky pork belly and spicd ginger cake

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep amber

Smell: Rich biscuit malt with almonds and spice and oranges, and just a hint of peat smoke

Taste: Signature vanilla and toffee, with a creamy nuttiness and a little whisky kick

Finish: Very long and smooth