Mango Wheat by Anchor Brewing Company in California, United States

About Mango Wheat by Anchor Brewing Company

Anchor's Mango Wheat is crisply refreshing, effervescent, golden ale that highlights the delectable character of this singular fruit: Brightness without sharpness, fullness of flavor without heaviness, tropical aroma without pungency, and complexity without cacophony. This brew pours marigold yellow, slightly hazy with white wheaty head. The aromas are fruity, ripe mangoes with hints of apricot and peach with a taste slightly sweet from mangoes with a hint of citrus tartness. It has a light and easy drinking mouthfeel and finishes crisp and clean with no lingering sweetness.

Brewing hand-crafted beer in the heart of San Francisco since 1896

Anchor Brewing Company makes Mango Wheat Fruit / Vegetable Beer