Maple Breakfast Stout by 14th Star Brewing in Vermont, United States
14th Star Brewing

Maple Breakfast Stout

6.8% ABV • IBU 20 • SRM 37

About Maple Breakfast Stout by 14th Star Brewing

In keeping with my Pépère Ferland’s tradition of craftsmanship we brewed our Maple Breakfast Stout with 100% pure Vermont Maple Syrup, local St. Albans Honey, and coffee. We hope you enjoy this dark and delicious beer.

History books tell us that local Vermonter and beer enthusiast Ethan Allen was a leader in the effort to make Vermont the fourteenth star on the U.S. flag in 1791. And those textbooks are right; especially about the 1791 part. Today, in Franklin County, Vermont, Army veteran Steve Gagner is honoring his home state and passion – brewing great beer – with 14th Star Brewing Co. 14th Star is Steve’s 1,200-square-foot nanobrewery on Lower Newton Street, in St. Albans City.

14th Star Brewing makes Maple Breakfast Stout American Stout