Marion the Agrarian by Upland Brewing Company in Indiana, United States

About Marion the Agrarian by Upland Brewing Company

Farmhouse beers were traditionally brewed in Belgium and France using grains, hops, spices, and other ingredients available from that year’s harvest. Marion is the heroine, strong with a bit of sweetness. This brew is dry-hopped to showcase the Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops and imbuing tangerine, lemon, pear and apple highlights, and sweetened with locally sourced wildflower honey from Hunter’s Honey Farm in Martinsville, Indiana. It pours a foggy gold with tinges of copper, and an aroma of peppery spice with citrus, light pine, and stone fruit. This brew is approachable and refreshing with a kick that will sneak up on you.

Well-made beer meets progressive Midwestern culture.

Upland Brewing Company makes Marion the Agrarian Saison / Farmhouse Ale