Marvella by Red Rock Brewery in Utah, United States

About Marvella by Red Rock Brewery

Things are not always what they seem. Red Rock Brewery’s new ‘Marvella’ is no exception.

It has an innocent golden hue; a soft and smooth mouth-feel; a smell that reminds you of the small banana candy found in a box of Runts; and it’s easy like Sunday morning.

Marvella is a Belgian Style Tripel Ale. Tripels are notorious for being deceptively potent with an alluring drinkability. Red Rock’s version is definitely true to style.

Alas, the time has come for a big and beautiful beer that has the thrust of an Imperial Stout, yet offers a whimsical combination of flavors for those who lean towards fruity-esters and mild sweetness.

Hop bitterness is barely perceived in this beer, if at all. The pale malts, Belgian candy sugar, and unique yeast strain are front and center. It’s not bottle conditioned like many traditional Tripels, but it’s notably carbonated.

This beer is suitable for reverie or revelry. Either way, it’s a sipper.

Hand Crafted Beer Since 1994 - Locally Owned & Operated

Red Rock Brewery makes Marvella Tripel