Märzen by Little Creatures Brewing in Western Australia, Australia

About Märzen by Little Creatures Brewing

For those familiar with their brewing history, March in Germany means one thing… Märzen. Well actually, it means two things. It’s the German word for March but perhaps more importantly, its the name of the famed beer brewed just before the hot European summer. Back in the days when lederhosen clad brewers were faced with brewing difficulties over the summer months, the month saw a hive of activity with production of a typically strong, full bodied lager that would keep them in stock through to October. True to tradition but regardless of season, we’ve nurtured our Märzen through a long, slow fermentation, thrown bucket loads of Saaz & Willamette hops at it and perfected our German accents during the 6 weeks from brewing to bottling! Pronounced: “maer-tsen”

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