Master Thief by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse in Colorado, United States

About Master Thief by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Master Thief is our German Porter. Around the time that England was producing its popular new beer style known as the Porter, a German brewer named Friedrich Hoepfner decided to introduce his version of this beer.  The result was a beer that paid homage to its English counterpart while maintaining a decisive German quality. With the exception of a single German brewery, this beer was eventually lost to history and is believed to have evolved into the Schwarzbier (Black Lager). Master Thief weighs in at 5.2% ABV and 20 IBUs.  It is a full bodied malty beer that features aromas and flavors of Chocolate, Caramel, a slight roast and a delicate hop finish.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse started in July 2010 and is the oldest brewery in Loveland. We specialize in German-inspired beers both traditional and historical styles. Our beers are named and inspired by the famous German writers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. With over 250 stories we pride ourselves in not only telling you a fairy tales but also a story about a beer. So stop on by and let us share something with you today.

Grimm Brothers Brewhouse makes Master Thief English Porter