Mayan Bourbonic 2017 by Cascade Brewing in Oregon, United States
Cascade Brewing

Mayan Bourbonic 2017

Limited Release
11.3% ABV

About Mayan Bourbonic 2017 by Cascade Brewing

A variation of the brewery’s award-winning Bourbonic Plague blend, Mayan Bourbonic features sour imperial porter aged in Bourbon and wine barrels with dates for up to two years, then infused with Peruvian cocoa powder, Ceylon cinnamon and cayenne pepper. Inspired by the traditional drink of the ancient Mayan civilization, Mayan Bourbonic delivers notes of bitter chocolate, Bourbon and cinnamon with a mild cayenne spice and delicate carbonation level (11.7% ABV).

Made by Cascade Brewing

Pucker up and join the sour revolution!

Cascade Brewing makes Mayan Bourbonic 2017 American Wild / Sour Ale