McEwan's Levy by McEwan's Brewery in Edinburgh - Scotland, United Kingdom
McEwan's Brewery

McEwan's Levy

Edinburgh - Scotland, United Kingdom
3.2% ABV

About McEwan's Levy by McEwan's Brewery

Scottish ales are generally dark, malty, full-bodied brews. Many examples have a hint of smokiness derived from the use of peated malt. 60, 70, and 80 shilling examples are all session ales under 5% abv, but the stronger "wee heavies" can range closer to 8%, with the accompanying increase in alcohol flavour and esters. Works well as an accompaniment to hearty meat and game dishes, sharp cheddar, atholl brose and shortbread.

Meet a family of remarkable characters. McEwan’s is a family of beers that have been enjoyed for generations since 1856.

McEwan's Brewery makes McEwan's Levy Scottish Ale